Travis (orlith) wrote,


Afternoon, folks,

I called my health insurance company this morning to see if I could expedite the processing of a claim from my doctor because the insurance company has a hard time understanding that just because I upgraded my plan, that doesn't mean I wasn't insured by them last year; therefore, the "are you sure this wasn't a pre-existing condition" question is invalid.

Anywhosy. Every time I call them, they ask me about 10 questions. What's your name, your birthday, your address, are you insured with another company, etc.

This time they asked me if I wanted to do a language preference survey, which would apparently only take 4-5 seconds. Sure, why not. After all, I don't want to have to try to translate their already incromprehensible menu options from Swedish to English if they don't get my preference correct. The first question was, "what language do you prefer." "English," I replied helpfully. The second question was "what ethnicity are you?" "American." "I'm sorry, sir, that's not an option. White, caucasion, etc." I then told him, rather tartly, "I'm not answering that question because it really is none of you or your company's business." He said that he'd make a note of it on their files so they didn't ask me again.

My question is what the hell would they need to ask that question for? Is my answer going to change my coverage, or how they treat my claims or how they talk to me on the phone?

What do you all think? Was I out of line in refusing to answer?

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